Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My ten predictions for the iPad - UPDATED: 8.5 / 10 !!

Updated at 8pm GMT … I only got one prediction completely wrong.

NewImageIt is with something like childish excitement that I am looking forward to the announcement this evening (UK time) of the next iPad.

I had what was probably the first iPad in Stoke-on-Trent (got it from New York a month before they went on sale in UK) and I was 28th in the queue at PC world when no.2 came out.

So you can see I am a bit mad …

I have no inside knowledge of any kind, just a gut reaction based on reading of various sites, so here are my predictions.

Come back later - after the announcement - to see if I have any insight at all.

1. Name. iPad 3 (though "HD" for half a mark)  WRONG!

2. Price. Same price as current iPad 2 CORRECT

3. Processor, memory etc - better, faster (though not quad core) CORRECT

4. Screen. "Retina" display CORRECT

5. Camera. Improved.  CORRECT

6. Siri. Included - because of next point …  Partly Correct

7. Microphone. Also improved not mentioned - but there must be some upgrade to enable (6)

8. Size. A bit thicker CORRECT

9. Storage sizes. As iPad 2: 16. 32, & 64GB CORRECT

10. iPad 2 - to continue, at lower price point and narrower range of options (only 16 GB available) CORRECT

There are other possibilities which I won't stick my neck out on. Will this be 4G/LTE? YES Not of much interest in Europe yet. Will there a 7" iPad and a new Apple tv be announced? Possibly. No & Yes. Though I don't think they will be available yet. Yes & Wrong. When will the iPad 3/HD be available? Soon, perhaps immediately on pre-order. Yes. Will the home button disappear? No. Correct.

All this has come from my avid reading of the rumours. Not rocket science this … which makes me think that there will be something which is left field, unexpected. Let's see. Only partly right -  the name, and the immediate appearance of the Apple tv were a little unexpected (especially the name).

Not bad, eh?